Hybrid-Cube Cushion (H.C.C)

The Hybrid-Cube Cushion is specifically designed for users who suffer pressure ulcer development and considered to be that of high and v-high risk pressure. It's good for the patient need to at-home care and emergency room waiting for the environment, It's combining Cube gel‚ Cells and Foam technology to displace the pressure reduction of the skin.

The Hybrid-Cube Cushion is an intelligent air cushion that sets a brand new standard in innovative wheelchair cushion, consist of excellent ‘demonstrate’ pressure redistribution without the need for any setup.

Incorporating 4 air and foam-filled cells could displace and adjust. Each Dyna-Foam and cube Gel are individuals and interchangeable and replaceable. The Cells materials are TPU to expand the product life and friendly for the environment and the cover is multi stretch and vapor permeable fabric satisfies the strictest infection control policies.

Demonstrating more effective pressure redistribution on the cushion, intelligent air combination reactive airflow ability.

1.ISO 13485:2016 
2.ISO 9001:2015
  • Fully Independent cells。
  • Cover: stretch waterproof and vapor-permeable cover。
  • Module hybrid cushion。
  • Cube single adjusts position,it’s an adjustment and prevent slip。
  • Base: Firm, stability spongy。
  • Easy maintain and repair。


Product Code Dimension / (L × W × H)  / cm Max Loading Weight / Kgs
Hybrid-Cube Cushion (H.C.C) 43 × 43 × 8.5 /43 × 43 × 10.5 152