Since ROODINSEAT first entered the medical device business

in 1977, we have positioned ourselves as a purveyor of products

featuring high-quality medical products and competitive prices better

than any other regular vendors in Taiwan.


Our effort and strength to focus on intensive research and development

program have obtained the most advanced medical products for our

customers in the last decade. From purchase of the raw material via

production, packing, storage to distribution, the most stringent in

process controls and maximum manufacturing standards ensure the

best quality of our products. CE, ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 regulations

had confirmed our items.


ROODINSEAT not only manufactured its own products but also a trading

company from Taiwan, consult the customers with most updated

product information and latest needs in medical industry. When you

work with ROODINSEAT ., you will be establishing a business

relationship with a supplier that is fully integrated in the medical device

supply chain locating in Taiwan and China as well as other Asia countries.


As our clients, you will be accessing our service to obtain a valuable

long-term performance for your customers through intensive sourcing,

creative development, precision manufacturing, quality inspection and

efficient shipment control. ROODINSEAT never stop to enhance its R&D skills

to achieve higher level of product presentation and thus upgrading

ourselves to co-operate with various clients.


ROODINSEAT is determined to maximize the value of customers' brand names

by providing innovative OEM and procedural Quality services that meet

emerging needs. Complete service that includes innovative OEM and

procedural QA services. Your need is our priority, we are simply one

company but with zero service limits.