Diversi-Form Poseidon
Diversi-Form Poseidon

The Diversi-Form Poseidon mattress is specifically designed for users considered to be at Middle Risk-High Risk of pressure ulcer development. A specialist Castellated foam, providing the best pressure re-distribution properties and castellated foam designed can quickly be cooling down from the patient's back.  it's also good for users in hospital and homecare environments.
The sidewalls of the mattress also comprised of Castellated and Tented foam have been designed to provide upright or reclining support to the bed. 
The cover is multi-stretch, vapor permeable, and the sewing parts use waterproof tapes to fixed prevents the liquid that going into the bed. A stable and tough base is also designed with handlebars for easy transfer from place to bed. The buckle stripes have been designed to fit the mattress on the hospital bed.  
1.ISO 13485:2016 
2.ISO 9001:2015
  • Diversi-foam (Fire resistance BS 5852 standard)
  • Castellated and tentacled foam wall, aids with the patient transfer  
  • Handling straps designed
  • Buckle stripes designed
  • PU coated stretch cover
  • Multi-stretch, vapor-permeable, Reduces shear and friction forces Cover
  • Removable foam structure aids decontamination.
  • Foam density:35 kg/m3, Prevents patient bottoming out.


Body Zone


Castellated side


Tented side


Handle stripes


Pulled stripes

Product Code Dimension / (L × W × H)  / cm Max Loading Weight / Kgs
Diversi-Form Poseidon 200 × 90 × 15.0 250